I want to say thank you to BetterAir! My two-year-old son suffers from Asthma and frequently experienced attacks which consisted of severe, chronic coughing and laborious breathing. I am happy to report that after 4 months of using the BA-008 in his room, he has been sleeping uninterrupted throughout the night and has not had any major episodes since.*
– Lauren Sharabi


I just wanted to tell you what a huge blessing BetterAir has been for me and my family! I was on 3 allergy meds (including prescriptions) as were my kids, before I received my unit (BA-008). We haven’t taken a single allergy med since February! We also have two cats and a Guinea pig and the odors are gone. I was so impressed with my experience I had to tell everyone about BetterAir. That is the main reason I became a representative. I wanted others to see the benefits and feel better and live a better quality life! Since I joined you, I have had many friends come to see the benefits also. It is so fun to see! Thank you again for all you do! I just had to say thank you and hopefully share a little encouragement with you! Blessings*
– Amanda Ives


I suffer from severe allergies to dust mites, pet dander and pretty much everything, which lead to my Asthma diagnosis. After months of steroid use, I was gifted the BA-008 unit from a friend who was determined to help me find a holistic solution. I am extremely thankful as there’s no better gift than the gift of breathing cleaner air.*
– Erica Namtalov


I swear by it, 100 percent. I had a lung disease that developed into severe asthma and I was constantly on steroids and antibiotics. I plugged in the BetterAir Ecological Balancing System by my bed and it has been my savior! I am now enjoying full nights’ sleep; cough and phlegm free.*
– Yafa Blach

I travel often for work which means airports, hotel rooms and planes are a big part of my life. After watching a news coverage on BetterAir, I decided to buy the on-the-go travel spray and just give it a try. I was skeptical at first but it is not a coincidence that I have not gotten sick since using it everywhere I go. I recently bought another one! *
– Michael Drasin


As a high school student, I am often around a lot of people in and outside of school, inevitably getting sick. My mom is health conscious and wanted to avoid having me take antibiotics. After some research, she found BetterAir products and ever since bringing them into my life, I have not sneezed or coughed. I’m so happy!*
– Liv Solorzano


Ahhh, BetterAir really means better air. I experienced allergy symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and dry throat for years and often times leading to sinus infections. Tired of my daily routine of medicine and nasal spray, I found BetterAir and have been free of my regiment for close to four months now. Finally, a product that does what it says it does.*
– Ilan Alia


The device was placed in a room that houses 12 isolation chambers with a laboratory mouse living in each of the chambers. After frequent tests of the level of mouse odor in the room over a period of 5 weeks, I can say with confidence that there is a significant attenuation of the disturbing mouse smell in the room. The lack of odor in the room is in itself a good sign of the benefit of using BetterAir. I can say that I already see benefit in placing such devices in small animal housing environment.*
– Dr. Amir


Yesterday I had revisted my doctor whom I told about BetterAir to on my last visit. I let her know that I was using BetterAir’s purifier and how much better I felt. She is fully aware of my breathing problems and when I walked in she remarked how much better I looked. She said my color was much better and upon checking, she found that oxygen intake was much higher and my lungs are clear now. I am singing your praises.*
– Audrey Drake


We had a strong smell on the boat that we could not get rid of. We tried in vent systems and every deodorizer on the market but nothing worked. Sandy at Yacht Mate recommended Better Air as a new alternative. We had them fog the boat with the nontoxic, aroma free liquid and install 2 vaporizing units. Within days the smell was gone and we couldn’t be happier. We would strongly recommend this product to anyone. It didn’t mask the odor it got rid of it.*
– Captain Jim Hennessey


I currently work as an Engineering Technician/HVAC at Irwin County Hospital. I was introduced to the idea of using a BetterAir unit in the hospital and nursing home. I began by installing two BetterAir units at Palemon Gaskins Nursing Home. I can say with confidence that the BetterAir units are doing great. The air and odors you would expect to smell in a nursing home, within a week the nursing home smells better, the air doesn’t feel as thick, and in my opinion is just awesome. As a HVAC/R technician I know it’s very important that your duct work stays clean. I also know how costly it can be and difficult to do. The BetterAir unit allows the duct to be cleaned with ease. One of the things that sticks out to me is the ease of installation. I can see the BetterAir units becoming standard for places such as hospitals and nursing homes. I’m very excited!
– Joshua Baldree-HVAC/R tech, Irwin County Hospital*


I have been using the Better Air system in my home for the last 6 months. My wife is fighting cancer and we felt that probiotics would help minimize the amount of germs throughout the house as being a great benefit. I am happy to report that we have been successful in avoiding any cold or infections. This was one of our largest concerns due to her weakened immune system.

A pleasant side benefit was the fact that the system reduced smells. The Better Air unit is attached to the central A/C system in my house allowing for full house disbursement of the probiotics. Installation of the unit was easy. Made a small hole in the A/C duct for the unit’s supply tube and plugged in the unit. This made odor control in every room effortless and effective.*
– Daniel Richardson, Holy Cross Hospital


*Testimonials provided herein represent personal experiences, and may differ among individuals.