Get more CHILL and save big on your electric bill!

KoolMaxx is a synthetically-engineered refrigerant additive designed to eliminate oil fouling and optimize efficiency and performance. Because of its synthetic composition, KoolMaxx will not damage or harm your refrigeration system.

Does not void manufacturer’s warranty. Protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Home & Business

KoolMaxx is for use in your home and business A/C system when installed

Reduce Load

Removes oil fouling, which causes better heat transfer thus reducing load on the compressor


KoolMaxx will drop your home and business vent air temperature by 3 to 9 degrees


Creates an overall better operating A/C system

Less Friction

Improves lubricity in the system creating less friction in the compressor

Less Wear & Tear

Best of all, KOOLMAXX helps your A/C operate with less wear and extended compressor life. Saving money on A/C repairs