How does it work?

Harmful bacteria live

in your home

Dust mites, harmful bacteria, allergens and mold live and multiply in
your favorite places (and every place you might imagine!)

· Inside Mattresses · Light Switches
· Toys · Door handles
· Pillows · Remote controls

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria beneficial to your health. Trillions of them live in our gut and serve as a natural defense system. They are also found in yogurts, fermented vegetables and in daily digestive supplements.

Say hello to the good


BetterAir’s Environmental Probiotics are organically cultured strains of probiotics that deny pathogens and allergens the resources needed to thrive. The vapor compound is composed of water and naturally occurring organisms called Bacillus ferment. 100% safe for human contact, all-natural and organic.

How to use BetterAir?

BetterAir BA-008 Ecological Balancing System is suitable for a variety of indoor spaces, including homes, small offices and classrooms up to 800 sq.ft. With a continuous release of Environmental Probiotics, BetterAir creates a protective, microscopic layer of probiotic microflora which coats and shields all indoor surfaces, seen and unseen.

The BA-Spray goes with you everywhere you go. With the BetterAir Spray you saturate your personal space with probiotics reducing the likelihood of allergens and pathogens invading your space.

The result: a balanced and healthier indoor environment

• Cleaner surfaces and objects
• Odorless indoor environments
• Quality indoor air