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Mold contamination

in your building?

Ninety percent of our time is spent indoors, making us vulnerable to the harmful effects of Sick Building Syndrome. Mold spores and other allergens are primarily carried through air ducts reaching the most hidden of spaces.

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Seventy percent of buildings do not clean HVAC components and air ducts because they lack a solution. Get ahead of your competition with our innovative probiotic distribution system by tapping directly into existing HVAC systems. Installation is fast, simple, and inexpensive.




Environmental Probiotics target unlimited spatial coverage with the continuous release of billions of micron sized probiotics to create a safer, healthier and more sustainable indoor environment by consuming the resources available to pathogens, allergens and mold.

Industries we serve

Healthier hospitals

=happier patients


Did you know that probiotics are the most effective solution in breaking down biofilm harboring antibiotic-resistant organisms? Conventional cleaning and purification methods inadequately disinfect medical equipment, which is the leading cause of Hospital Acquired Infections.

#DirtyTruth: Did you know that stethoscopes play a major role in spreading harmful bacteria? Proper disinfection is a must!

cleaner environments

= greener houses


Did you know indoor grow houses are the ultimate breeding ground for dangerous mold? BetterAir takes a two-pronged strategy to eradicate at the source: directly tapping into the irrigation system and dispersing Environmental Probiotics into soil, making it difficult for mold to thrive as its resources are dramatically reduced; repetitive misting inside air ducts and HVAC systems.

pure ambience

= satisfied travelers


Did you know the single dirtiest item in a hotel room is the TV remote control? Travelers come and go, but bacteria remain after thousands of hands transfer and relocate germs. How can you guarantee your guests a cleaner and healthier environment? BetterAir’s commercial units tap into existing HVAC systems and release billions of probiotics to purify and clean inside air ducts, which are the ultimate vehicle for dispersing mold, allergens and harmful bacteria. BetterAir Environmental Probiotics not only purify the air but also penetrate objects and surfaces and dramatically reduce the resources that allergens and pathogens survive on. Due to their micron size, they reach places we can’t such as inside phones, mattresses, light switches and bathroom grout to provide a balanced and safer indoor environment. Make it a comfortable stay!

safer classrooms

= brighter futures


Did you know that more than a third of U.S. schools suffer from high levels of mold, dust mites and allergens? BetterAir’s Environmental Probiotics are implemented directly into air ducts, reducing the amount of mold spores and allergens being dispersed into the air, resulting in better indoor air quality and a healthier and cleaner environment for students, faculty members and visitors. A healthy school is a successful school!

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